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Teepee Friends is a small but thriving company and I'm fully committed to delivering the best service to every client. Personally and passionately. Hence please note that I cannot fulfil every date requested, but will always do my best to find a solution. Please contact me early for a booking to avoid disappointment.
I answer all requests.

Please find the overview of the package prices on the events pages: 
Pricing info about teepee sleepovers
Pricing info about boho picnics
Pricing info about bell tent Victoria
If you don't hear back from me within 2 days, please contact me again. My reply might have not have been recognised by your email system or put in the wrong folder.

Thank you.

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Booking Enquiry (nonbinding)
What type of party are you planning?
If it`s a teepee party, which teepee theme are you interested in?
How many guests are you expecting?
Which type of service would you like to book?

It`s sent, thank you for your request. You`ll hear from me soon.

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