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Collect memories,
not things

My name is Ági and I strongly believe that wonderful childhood memories and truly special experiences later remain with us forever. I still fondly remember the times we had my friends at our house for sleepovers and the amazing moments of feeling connected, the laughter and the excitement of it are still with me to this day. 

A few years ago I left my corporate job at Google and turned towards my passion of interior design. And now, as a working mum of two little girls, I understand the effort involved in hosting a beautiful party at home -  always struggling to come up with another fun idea to make your little ones feel as special as they genuinely deserve. And the same applies to us as mothers hosting a party and inviting our own friends: "Me time" is so very important and we should all indulge in a special get together with our besties more often.

That`s why I started collecting and crafting beautiful fabrics, materials as well as stylish design extras from all over Europe for Teepee Friends. In the woodworking shop of a friend of mine, her and I made each wooden teepee frame by hand and the old sewing machine of my Hungarian mother helped me with the fabrics. The picnic tables we made from scratch by me on my balcony and the big pea cock chair was a renovation project I took on without knowing in the slightest bit of how to do it.

The results are handmade, truly unique and sustainably produced dream settings which will transform your home or your chosen location into a magical wonderland for your loved ones. 

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