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You like all the themes and cannot decide which one? Not a problem! Simply "Create Your Own" party and let me know which colours you prefer or which themes you want to mix.

Do you want the rose colours from the "La Vie En Rose" to be combined with the "Jingle Jungle" or would you rather prefer the "Oh So Boho" theme to be mixed with the light blues from the "Cloud Dreaming" teepees? I`m excited to hear what your dream selection is, so just feel free to "make your own" teepee wonderland. Are you planning a special Halloween or Xmas Party - wonderful! Just let me know your ideas. 

Create your own


You can select any colour rom the existing teepee theme.

Comes with

Comfy cushions and supersoft blankets, bunting, fairy lights, lanterns, table trays, fluffy rugs


Special guests

Choose which one you like best and I`ll bring it to you!

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